Message from Honorable Chairman

ICHM has been established in 2005 which has been operating in Bangladesh since 2000. The aim of ICHM is to provide the skills that enhance employment and promotion opportunities, in addition to providing a solid foundation for lifelong learning.
 Each of our training programs follow a curriculum which combines a unique mix of academic study with practical work experiences to help the learner prepare for the real world of work, from high school students to older adults. ICHM offers many hospitality courses to help individuals prepare for work and enhance their quality of life. Even basic skills courses are available for those who may need extra help with their desired skills.
ICHM uses the strengths of its people’s knowledge, expertise, qualifications, networks and experience as the primary enabler to meet its customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. The Institute offers its customers access to education, training, services, development pathways and career opportunities that more meet the demands of the global knowledge economy.