City & Guilds, UK

The institute of Hotel Management & Hospitality is an approved center in Bangladesh for the City & Guilds, UK, which was established in 1878, primarily to educate young craftsmen in their particular trades. In 1900 the Institute was granted a Royal Charter. The institute is independent and a registered charity. The purpose of City & Guilds is to encourage vocational education and training, and provide vocational qualities which are recognized worldwide.
As a vocational Examining Board it prepares syllabuses, establishes standards which have to be attain and sets examinations to measure the ability of students to reach those standards. City & Guilds does not run the courses. The courses are offered in approved centers and companies in more than 5000 centers world wide, in line with the requirements   of examinations and assessments.
Over   one million candidates each year take the City & guilds exams. Thousands of certificates are issued each year covering the full spectrum of occupational sectors, from business and office skills to engineering. This makes City & Guilds the largest British Vocational examining body, recognized worldwide.